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Coming soon to Steam!

The Bronze Age is Over

Collapsed, in a maelstrom of war, starvation and disease.


Gone are the walled cities, the rich markets and thriving caravans of your grandparents' time.    Villagers hide in their hills, unwilling even to tend farms.  Warlords run rampant.  Factions splinter the countryside.  Technologies, trade routes, even crops lie forgotten as peasants fight to survive.  

Good thing they have you. 

As leader of a single village, it's up to you to decide.  Farm or build?  Build or defend?   Rivals lurk in the hills, and - worse - as factions in your own villages.    Rumors abound of forgotten knowledge and lost technology, but can you afford the time to unlock them?   Can you really support so many scholars?


Stranger still, forces beyond your control are at work in the world.   Legacies of your grandparent's time, or perhaps the instruments of their destruction...


Can you meet their challenge?  Can you build a better world than came before?


From the ruins of empire,

build a better world

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